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Johnny Ocean and Me Webisode Productions LLC

5255 Stevens Creek Blvd

Box 176

Santa Clara, CA 95051

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Show Summary


Johnny Ocean is a fun and lively musical ocean science show for children and families.  


Johnny Ocean, the host, travels to explore the phenomena and challenges in the lives of marine animals.  At times facing ocean predators and extreme environments, Johnny explains how these animals live, how they came to be here, and the dangers they face.  He shows where there is hope and displays the amazing nature of these creatures.  

Featuring children of different ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures, and using lines spoken in different languages and music to teach about different cultures and languages as a secondary educational focus, Johnny Ocean welcomes and speaks to a global audience.  



Children and families. 

Middle school and high school ages are core child audience. 

Also speaks to kids and grown-ups of all ages.  


-Main languages spoken in films to encourage mutual cultural understanding are English, Spanish, Mandarin, and French, which are the 4 most widely spoken languages in the world.  

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