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Our Team

Our key team members are:

Michael Preece

Executive Produer

Michael Preece  directed some of the most popular shows on TV during the 1980’s.  He worked on Gilligan’s Island, Dallas, Mutiny on the Bounty, McGyver, Walker Texas Ranger, and more.  He was one of the most renowned directors of the past generation.

Robert Diaz Leroy

Line Producer, Showrunner, Director

Robert, a Producer, Director and show runner with a career spanning more than 20 years in different roles, was formerly the Director and show runner for the children’s show Noah’s Park, brining this important experience to our show.

Kyle Roepke

Underwater Director of Photography


Kyle produced several episodes of Discvery Channel;s show Dangerous Catch.  He has worked for Discovery, BBC, Paul Nicklen Photography, and others, working on some oe the most well-known nature shows of our time.

Chad Shagren

Underrwater Camera and Crew

Chad is an award-winning filmmaker who has works with and has worked multiple years with Discovery Channel's Shark Week, works with Paul Nicklen Photogrpahy and others.  Chad was awarded the Blue Sunday Award from the National Academy of Arts & Sciences.

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